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RADCON WPC installation team has the skills and capacity to execute projects of all kinds, from design concept to completed projects. We provide all products and services as one of the top WPC product manufacturers. We continually train our workforce to be abreast with the latest technology, applications and development. Our skillset is truly global.


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What is WPC?

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) as the name suggests, is a combination of wood & high density recycled thermoplastics in a ratio of approximately 60%:30%, The result is a highly durable material with the aesthetics of natural wood and the ability to endure weather conditions with minimal maintenance, The balance of 10% is additives that gives it the bonding and desired colour.

What are the Uses of WPC?

WPC with a unique combination of advantages from wood and plastic has been extensively employed in landscaping, transportation, packaging, engineering as well as building construction for both in-door and out-door applications. In recent years WPC is beginning to replace some conventional and novel engineered wood products like wood veneer (WV), particle board (PB), medium-density fiber board (MDF), plywood (PW), oriented strand board (OSB) and laminated veneer lumber. 

Visit our Products page to view the wide application of RADCON WPC.

How does WPC compare with wood?

WPC outlasts, outshines and outperforms its wooden counterparts. RADCON WPC products offer superior durability, functionality, longevity and sustainability that you can't get from wood, while still providing the beautiful aesthetic of natural hardwoods. It can be installed more efficiently than timber, remains resilient for decades, and offers a host of performance and lifestyle benefits, like slip, scratch, stain, and UV resistance. It’s a more hygienic, safer, and durable outdoor option than wood. It won't rot, warp, or splinter; and they don't require staining or painting to maintain great looks. Visit our RADCON WPC Benefits Page to learn more.

Do you require special tools to work with WPC?

For those products requiring additional fabrication or machining, standard tools can be used.  You will not need special tools to work with your RADCON WPC products! You can cut, nail, drill, screw, and rout with standard woodworking tools. The density of RADCON WPC is greater than lumber so we recommend using carbide tipped blades and bits.

Is WPC Toxic?

RADCON WPC is not harmful because it is free from toxic chemicals. The materials used in the manufacturing process are safe to man and the environment. Unlike pressure treated lumber, WPC decking is suitable for building raised garden beds and garden edgings. The plants and vegetables are safe for consumption because there is no leaching of chemicals from the WPC into the soil.