WPC Cladding 


RADCON WPC wall cladding panel is a new type of environmentally sound material, which can be used as the enclosure structure inside and outside the building. It is suitable for non-load-bearing walls. Its thermal and physical properties are better than reinforced concrete and compacted clay,  WPC Cladding provides a warm feeling to the facade of a building to balance cold materials like metal and concrete. You never need to worry about sanding, staining or painting





While composite is a newer material, it is gaining in popularity and has become a popular choice because it is better than traditional wood. Composite is the solution to the upkeep hassles, lifestyle restraints, and environmental strain of wood. High quality composite offers superior functionality, longevity, and sustainability compared to timber, while still providing the beautiful aesthetic of natural hardwood.

WPC Cladding

RADCON WPC cladding blends perfectly with other materials in contemporary or futuristic design, unboxing a whole new world of possibilities.

WPC Cladding

RADCON WPC cladding boards lend a distinct impression on facades. Highly resistant to fading or dis-colouration, buildings will look new for years, without the hassles of periodic maintenance.

Benefits unavailable in other facade solutions include:

  • Interlocking assembly which ensures no water leaks to the building superstructure
  • Hollow core technology for insulation