There is no doubt that Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is the future. Due to its numerous benefits it outlives, outperforms and outshines any wooden counterparts, you can't go wrong!


RADCON Wood Plastic Composite is environment-friendly. The components are wood waste and waste plastics. Though the wood plastic composite itself is long-lasting and withstands external exposure, the wood components used to make it are biodegradable. Using WPC prevents cutting of natural wood.  There are carbon dioxide emissions but they can be controlled and unlike wood, it is free from formaldehyde and melamine emissions.

Resistant to Ultravoilet Rays

UV light, or sunlight causes materials and surfaces to fade or discolor. RADCON Wood Plastic Composite has the ability to resist ultra violet (UV) light or sunlight. Normal wood will fade when exposed to the sun, however Radcon WPC will naturally not fade, and this makes it perfect for outdoor applications. The aesthetic beauty of your decking, cladding, doors, pergolas, balustrades and fascia boards will remain intact for many years and you will not have to worry about applying surface treatments, painting or re-painting.

Water Resistant

RADCON Wood Plastic Composite is water resistant due to its plastic component. This means you can conveniently use it for outdoor applications. This water-resistant property is not present in wood applications. For instance, you may not be able to sit on your wooden garden bench after a downpour as it would be soaked, but with your RADCON WPC bench, all you need is to wipe off the rain and you are good to go. 


The manufacturing of RADCON WPC ensures 100% material usage with no waste in production. All cut-offs and bits from the production serve as input material for the manufacturing process. 

Termite Resistant

Traditional wood and lumber applications such as those for decks, trusses and fascia boards have been treated with toxic chemicals and pesticides to prevent insects, which will cause pollution to the environment, and the insect control effect will decrease over time. Termite attack causes damage to wood products, visible signs of this attack are holes in the product, decay, wood powder and swelling, rendering the product unusable. RADCON Wood Plastic Composite has a good insect-resistant function due to the special nature of the material, and this means your product will remain intact for many years.

Fire Retardant

Unlike traditional wood applications, RADCON wood plastic composite hinders fire from spreading. Plastics have high calefaction and can melt easily making it a fire hazard.  The wood present in the composite neutralises this nature. Whereas plywood materials support fire and burn with flames. WPC door frames are the best option when you are furnishing a fire-prone area.

Stain Free

After an accidental spillage on your RADCON WPC decking, be it coffee, wine or tea, a clean wipe is all you need.

Strong and Durable

Due to the water resistant, termite resistant and splinter free properties, RADCON WPC products have improved strength and durability over their wood counterparts. The material blend and finish make it resistant to multiple factors that usually reduce the life of wood products. 

Slip Resistant

Normal wood surface can be slippery in wet weather conditions. In addition to that they are prone to algae and fungal growth that can render the surface even more slippery. RADCON WPC is  a good solution for projects that require slip resistant properties such as floor decking around swimming pools, no need to worry about kids running barefooted around it!

Splinter Free

Unlike regular decking, RADCON WPC is splinter-free. Also due to its innovative fittings, no nails or screws are needed to go through the product– making it a splinter-free solution for decking and hand rail applications.

Low Maintenance

With RADCON WPC you never need to worry about sanding, staining or painting. The occasional soap and water cleaning is all that’s required to maintain the product for decades.

Design Flexibility

RADCON WPC sheets are used as planks and tiles on gardens, exterior claddings, building facades, exterior children sports equipment, etc. It is customizable with desired printing and texture. Its lightweight, durability, ease of application and maintenance makes it preferable over conventional wood. It is extensively used on terraces and balconies due to its lighter weight. It is free from splintering and warping. The non-corrosive, antibacterial and durable nature renders its application profound in bathrooms, kitchens, wall claddings, and false ceilings. One advantage over wood is the ability of the material to be moulded to meet almost any desired shape. A RADCON WPC member can be bent and fixed to form strong arching curves.

Quality Assurance

Our manufacturing and installation processes are handled by experts. All our operations, be it technical or adminstrative are performed to conform with the requirements of the latest revision of ISO 9001 standards. You are therefore assured of consistent quality.