WPC Decking 


RADCON WPC extrusion decking planks are a game changer that outperform it’s competitors, With a natural wood grain and grooved surface outer core, WPC is definitely the most aesthetically pleasing and durable decking, making it the ultimate choice. Our products come in both hollow and solid decking.

Woodgrain Embossed Hollow Decking  Board 

Sanded Hollow Decking Board - Teak

Solid Decking Board - Black


RADCON WPC reversible deck planks can be fitted to a wood plastic composite or aluminium framework with concealed fixtures, offering barefoot safe anti-skid surfaces. This double finish gives flexibility for multiple applications, be it decking or part cladding.

WPC Decking

RADCON WPC low maintenance decking is suitable for every need. Elegant colours, combined with different surface finishes, results in an unmatched choice for different conditions that look great and will stay that way for many years.

WPC Decking

RADCON WPC decking has the potential to make buildings look comple­tely refreshed. With wood plastic composite decking you can make your outbuildings blend into your garden or make any domestic or commercial property stand out with a contemporary makeover.