WPC Doors and Frames 


 The finish of doors, matching with the frame and toughness to withstand all stresses and the weather - these are requirments people naturaly look out for and that is exactly what RADCON WPC provides. Our product range covers solid doors, panel doors, hollow frames and solid frames





These doors are widely used at residential, commercial and industrial places to create a decisive impression. With quality assured, the offered doors are designed and produced with the best available technology.  The outcome is Wood Plastic Composite Doors and Frames that give beautiful entry way appearance.

WPC Doors and Frames

Radcon WPC doors and frames come in various colours. The finish is highly sophisticated with intricate embossing and pleasant design that is appealing to all kinds of architecture. 

WPC Doors and Frames

RADCON Wood Plastic Composite doors and frames are thoroughly engineered for strength and durability for longer lasting usage in modern architecture and are extraordinarily reliable and economical. These doors are basically made of recycled composite material that is a blend of Polymer, wood fibre and addditives which are well mixed and fused together for a strong bonding that enhance the ultimate strength and longevity.